Be Good…


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This is language that every parent uses as general instruction to their kids, “Be Good.” It implies being good in behavior, language, attitudes, etc. Usually family standards or some other objective reality (the Bible, Golden Rule, Expectations, etc) is how to know if your “good” is good enough.

But I want to use this statement in another way. Be Good with whom God says you are. That is, accept the promises God has made about you, the vision that God has of you, or the position God has towards you.

If you’re a follower of Jesus, the Bible says that you’re His Son or Daughter. Be Good with that.
If you’ve placed your faith Jesus for your salvation, then God looks favorably towards you and calls you a new creation. That is, you’re different than you were, and you’re being made more different all the time. (Maybe you’re wrestling through the evolution of becoming different – that’s normal, keep going.) Be Good with that.
If you’re an imperfect Christian (that’s pretty much EVERY Christian), God looks at you with kindness and is drawing you to Himself. Be Good with that. (and respond to his drawing…)

I just think it’s important for those of us who are used to seeing ourselves as less than good, or imperfect, or struggling for acceptance, know that God still loves you and cares for you, and he’s not kicking you while you’re down. You’re his son/daughter, even if imperfect. And in that, you’re good. Now, receive His grace, respond to his Kindness, draw close to him.

Be Good… with how God sees you. Let it move you, humble you, be the catalyst for growth and closeness to Jesus.

Grace & Peace…out.

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