Greater Things – ImpACT


WOW! I’m so pumped about Sunday at LifePoint Church! I’ll be preaching the 2nd talk in our ImpACT Series, a sermon called “Greater Things.” For real, this is going to be really good!!! Don’t miss it!

If you’re reading this after the fact, you can get the video podcast HERE once it’s up.

In preparation, a few thoughts:

1. Change your CLOCKS so you don’t miss it! Spring forward tonight one hour.

2. Jesus said that if you believe in him (this is the caveat), then you will do GREATER THINGS than what he did while on earth! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???!!!! How amazing! Think of all the cool stuff he did, and then think that HE PROMISED us that we will do ever GREATER!

3. If we’re doing what he would have done, then we are doing so in Jesus’ Name. And when we are doing in Jesus’ Name, he’s with us and behind it!

4. We GET TO be apart of HIS KINGDOM, and making an ImpACT on this planet! Literally, the WHOLE WORLD is the target for ImpACT, and we can even start with our Next Door neighbor! Feeding the hungry, helping the needy, funding the poor, visiting the prisoner, sharing the message of Jesus as Lord & Savior, etc… we GET TO BE A PART of this!

To think that Jesus, the Lord of Creation (Col 1.15) and the God of the whole Universe, invites us to be part of HIS story of ImpACT in this World! How GREAT IS THAT!

Get to LifePoint Church THIS SUNDAY – 8.00, 9.30, 11.00, & 12.30! What a Great God we serve!

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