Hey LifePoint Church,

What a season we are living in! You continue to be an amazing church who reflects the Gospel of Jesus and the Heart of God so very well! I am encouraged to hear how God is working in your lives as you have engaged online these past 11 weeks. I am so thankful for your faithfulness in generosity, and you have proven to be a blessing to so many people! Thank you for giving 21 Days of Hope during our #LPCSpreadHope initiative. Thank you for showing up for our blood drives, serving YAIPaks, supporting local businesses, providing gift bags for medical professionals, and so much more. You are touching lives all over our city, and your faithfulness allows us to be a blessing to people literally around the world!

The #1 question on our minds seems to be, “When are we going to gather again?” Well, we’ve worked to put together a plan, consulted with local leadership, and we are excited that it is finally time to gather our church back together again. I’ve attached a quick video to this message that will give you the rollout plan and the dates you need. Take 5 mins, and check it out!

I love you LifePoint Church. I am so honored to serve as your pastor!

Pastor Mike Burnette



- Small Groups can now meet in person (find your group at
- June 2nd - Building open for Tuesday morning prayer. Join us weekly from 9am - 10am at the Rossview Campus auditorium.
- June 14th - Rossview Campus open for family-style services. Service times to be announced.
- June 14th - Offices open for appointments.


- July 11th - SERVE Day! Join us at 8am at the Rossview Campus auditorium. You can find or register a project at

- June 12th - Rossview Campus open for Sunday Services. Service times at 8am,  9:45am, and 11:30am.