This is what it’s all about: Kids finding purpose and community, and having a ton of fun as they learn about Jesus. On Sunday's we offer the same in person experience online.  Our YouTube channel is infused with interactive teaching and dynamic worship. We hope you and your kids watch together and keep the conversation about Jesus going at home.

Preschool 3-5 year olds

K-1st Grade

2nd-5th Grade

OUR MISSION: To work together and partner with parents to help them lead their kids and families take their next step in becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.


Parent Cue

As a parent, some of the most important things you do for your child don’t happen in a single day. You make small deposits in their life week after week—over time. That’s why the Parent Cue App gives weekly cues to help you make the most of the time you spend with your kid or teenager.

Your kids will grow up a lot faster than you ever dreamed. That’s why we help you stay focused on what you can do today to connect with your child. We know you can’t cram anything more to do in your already busy day, so we help you use the time you already have.

Visit Parent Cue Here

New families can register here online. On our check-in form we’ll ask things like what allergies your child may have, how many children are in your family, and get your contact information. Fill out the form below online to save a few minutes when you check-in for the first time.

Then, you and your child will both get a sticker with a matching code. If for any reason we need to reach you during the service, you’ll receive a text message from our team. This sticker is also what you’ll use to pick up your child after the service.


Our nursery is divided into two classes:

  • Babies - For infants from 6 weeks old to age one or until your child is walking.
  • Walkers—For children walking up through 35 months.

Our nursery is staffed with professional, caring adults who provide a safe and secure environment conducive to the child’s physical, social and spiritual growth. When you are confident in leaving your baby in the care of our staff, then you are able to worship with a sense of security. We have taken great care to prepare our nursery rooms to be the best environment for your baby with age appropriate toys and an opportunity to interact with others. As we hold the babies, we pray for them to receive all that God has for them in life. We believe every child we pray for will be touched by God. LifePoint considers the nursery to be an important area of ministry, both for the parent and the child.

CHILD DEDICATION:  The purpose of child dedication is for parents to present their child before God and His people asking for grace and wisdom in carrying out the responsibilities. Parents also come praying that their child will one day trust Jesus Christ as Savior. Child dedications are done on the 2nd Sunday of every other month. Please fill out the form below before the 2nd Thursday of each quarter and one of our staff members will be in touch with you the week of.

SPECIAL NEEDS:  Our special needs room is staffed with professional, caring adults that have been trained to care for a variety of children with special needs. We have a room specially designed for suiting a variety of needs, keeping the children safe and cared for while you attend service. The special needs room offers the same curriculum as the rest of KidPoint in a modified way giving them an opportunity to learn and increase their spiritual growth about God. We believe every child is important and Lifepoint considers the special needs room to be a vital part of our ministry.


Our preschool is divided into 2 classes:

  • 3 years old
  • 4-5 years old

During services, your child will be in the care of several trained KidPoint volunteers, all of whom meet required background standards. Our goal is to encourage preschoolers in a growing, loving relationship with Jesus Christ and others in an atmosphere where they feel a sense of belonging. We present biblical learning materials with a hands-on approach to help establish in the hearts of the children an active faith toward God and His Word. We have designed age appropriate classes just for them. We teach the simplicity of the Gospel through a variety of stories, crafts, Bible action songs and other activities. Every lesson taught reinforces Bible truths. Children can be ministered to individually during this time.


Help your children grow their faith in God. Download Parent Cue cards using the link below:


Each lesson is prepared to allow kids to participate even at home. Download the lesson craft here.


Our Elementary room offers a place where children from kindergarten through fifth grade can discover and develop a passion for God. Through worship, teaching, and a variety of fun activities, children are exposed to God’s Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God. Our children’s services are fully staffed with adults and high school students who are committed to teaching and ministering to children. You can be confident that your child is well-cared for and having a great time learning about God while you worship.


Help your elementary aged kids grow their faith in God. Download Parent Cue cards using the link below:


Our devotionals are designed to keep the conversation going beyond church.

K-1st Grade
2nd-5th Grade