Reaching Our City and Our World

Reaching Our City and Our World

Serve: Local Outreach

Our first responsibility is right where we are. Through local outreach, we support and partner with local ministries to reach people. We SERVE continuously, but three times a year we go big to serve our city.

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National & Global Missions

We believe in partnering with organizations and other churches in the United States and around the world to share Christ. National Missions allow us to help launch churches nationwide as well as assist established churches in growing and reaching more people with the life-giving message of Jesus. Global missions are a great way to serve the world in many different ways, including church planting, children’s ministry, healthcare, and so much more.

We will be heading to Antigua Guatemala for a mission trip! This will be a two team trip. One team will be a medical team and the other will be building homes. Cost includes all expenses: lodging, flights, transportation, and meals. Please plan to bring cash for any additional snacks, lunches out, tips or souvenirs you might want. An additional $250+ is recommended.

Join us in Maypen, Jamaica as we serve the local community alongside Kingdom Outreach ministry. Our primary goal will be to build a house for a family in need. Additionally, we will be doing food, clothing distribution; feeding the homeless; serving at the nursing home.

We will have the opportunity to attend a church service and distribute Bibles.

Cost includes: all in country expenses. You will be responsible for airport food, snacks and souvenirs.

Open hearts and open hands are welcome to join us in Nicaragua as we partner with Builders International. The missionaries of Casa de mi Gloria church in Managua need those of us with various construction skills to assist in building their new church facility. Do not have construction skills? No problem, as there will also be opportunities to assist with their active children’s ministry and feeding program. Additionally, while on this mission, all expenses are included, but it is best to bring extra money for airport snacks and any additional spending you would like to do while we are there.

We are heading to Lonesome Dove Ranch in Royce City, Texas to spend 4 days at a foster care camp. On this mission trip, we will be partnered with local children in the foster care system to build relationships and celebrate them by playing games, riding horses, swimming, and even hosting birthday parties for them. We will have two required trainings to do before the trip and the cost will be $800 per person. We hope you will join us! 

All payments are non refundable. We recommend bringing an addition $60 for snacks and meals on travel days.

At the La Ola Children’s Home in Chapala, Jalisco, MX, we will do VBS-like activities with the resident children Sun, Mon, Tues, and Wed. We will travel to a couple of the poor villages where we will share sack lunches with the village children and conduct a fun service with music, puppets (if we have puppeteers), and a mini-message of encouragement. There will also be some light work at the new building.

Cost: $1400

Location: Jallisco, Mexico – La Ola Orphanage 


Join us as we go to Turkey alongside one of our missions partners in sharing the gospel. We will be doing local outreach in a country where less than 0.2 percent of the population claim Christianity. All expenses are included, but it is best to bring extra money for airport snacks, as well as any extra spending you would like to do while we are there. We are excited for you to join the team!

Tecate is home to thousands who come hoping to find work near or across the U.S. border, but the low wages in the tourist or manufacturing sectors keep them near abject poverty.  Partnered with the people of Tecate and local churches, your Mission Discovery team will continue a 20+ year commitment to families through home construction and Children’s Bible School. Apply today to join us!

Parent or Leader $1,600
Student $1,200

On its outskirts are families who struggle to earn enough money for basic food and shelter. Children as young as seven often give up the chance for education to help sustain their families. Your mission: join forces with local ministries to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing hands-on help through construction projects and Children’s Bible school. Your work will serve to brighten the future of Guatemala.

Parent or Leader $1,700
Young Adult or Student $1,300

By joining us on a mission trip to Bluefield, West Virginia you have the opportunity to do your part in the fight against poverty and help people who are going through tough times. Many of these folks have fallen into a cycle that is difficult for them to get out of on their own, not because they aren’t working hard or dedicated but because sometimes life just throws a curveball. Apply to join us!

Parent or Leader $750
Student $500


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