Legacy Team

Building + Expansion

This lane propels the vision by expanding the capability of outreach, including building, merging, and purchasing new property.

Next Generation

The Next Gen lane funds the future of the church by building, sending, and educating students. This including funding for mission trips and Bible school.

Local Outreach

The Local Outreach lane connects the church to its local mission partners who meet the needs of Clarksville and the Montgomery County area.

United States Missions

This lane partners with agencies around the U.S. to meet needs in disaster relief, human trafficking, and planting churches to share Christ.

International Missions

This lane offers the opportunity to share the gospel around the world through delivering bibles, building churches, and partnerships.

Eleanor's Testimony

Check out Eleanor’s experience on her first mission trip! As part of the Legacy Team, we get to build and send teams for local outreach, national and global missions.